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Tired of learning French on your own ?

Online French lessons live from France with a tutor via Skype and Zoom

Do you want to live in France, but it is too difficult for you to speak with the locals?

Would you like be able to say more than just “Hello” to your neighbour or French colleagues?

You are worried that everyone will laugh at your accent when speaking French?

Do you still make a lot of spelling mistakes in your private or professional emails?

No matter your level of French.

You're at the right address ! 

French Teacher Online

I will help you understand the language better

and speak " French how it is really spoken"


Côte de Normandie

French how it is really spoken!

  I offer online language classes focusing on more than just grammar and vocabulary. Immerse yourself in real life topics so you can learn to speak with confidence. If you want to learn French for travel, business, to succeed in a job interview or just out of interest,               
 my lessons are perfect for you!

 This is how it works !

Book a free trial lesson

Free trial lesson to get to know each other and to be able to tell me in more detail what your goals are.

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French teacher

1 on 1 French lesson


Hello, my name is Delphine.

I am a teacher of French as a foreign language. I can help you understand, speak and pronounce the French language correctly. I’d like to invite you to learn French with me via Skype or Zoom! Give me a try and see if online studying works for you!

Delphine - French Skills Db

Why learn with Delphine?

French classes


Start speaking right away

Learn to speak French naturally and conversationally


Learn on your own pace

Learn stress-free and get the guidance you need to build a successful learning habit.


get results

You will improve your French proficiency in just 2 months.

Learn French French Skills Db

   Online courses

When you learn a new language, the most important thing is communication!

the content of my classes is mainly oral communication, together 

with vocabulary, grammar and written work.

What's why I will help you improve your:

✔️ Oral comprehension

✔️ Oral conversation

✔️ Grammar

✔️ Spelling

✔️ Vocabulary

✔️ Pronunciation

Are you a beginner? no worries, I adapt to all levels! My goal is for you to speak with ease and confidence. To learn more about how I organize my online courses, visit the '' Read more '' section just below.

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Why does it work!

Instead of struggling in a crowded classroom, it's time to experience the power of 1-on-1 learning. Limitless speaking practice, faster focused progress.
More action learning, less “repeat after me”!

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✔️ 20 hours with me = 1 college semester of lessons

✔️ Get personalized lessons

✔️ No contracts

✔️ No subscriptions

✔️ Pay before each lesson

✔️ If you miss a scheduled lesson, don't panic. You can always reschedule it on another day !

 Free trial lesson!

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Accueil: À propos de mon projet
Learn French French Skills Db
         French Tutor
French tutor
Learn French online French Skills Db

About me


I am native French, from the northern part of France. Certified French teacher (DAEFLE French degree).

I have been a teacher for over 10 years

Alliance française French alliance

French teacher, French Skills Db
Accueil: Qui suis-je ?

 Learn French with a perfect French accent

Because you learn with a native teacher

This is my mission !

My mission is to develop the potential of each student with a perfect French accent in order to provide you with the keys necessary to succeed your personal or professional journey. I pay attention to your work, your needs, your shortcomings and your progress and finally, give you the taste to learn and become autonomous in the learning of the French language.

To learn more about how to improve your French accent, visit the '' French accent '' section just below

French courses for seniors
French courses for seniors
French pronunciation course for seniors
French courses for seniors
French pronunciation course
French pronunciation courses for seniors
Accueil: Regarder
Have real conversations ! 

My classes are playful and lively! We’ll have conversations and you’ll learn grammar without even noticing. I can’t wait for you to express yourself in French!

          Online French courses

Learn new strategies to conquer French learning while staying motivated. We’ll talk about culture and real-life situations in a dynamic atmosphere.

Accueil: Citation
Accueil: Contact

Contact me

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I hope to be able to help you and contribute to your project. Feel free to contact me for more information!

Best regards


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Thank you for what you sent !

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Delphine is really a great french teacher and with her you can improve and make progress quite fast. The way of teaching doesn't include only grammar and theory but also conversation and discussions about reality in the world. On top of this, She's a kind and sweet person, It is so nice to interact with her. I would recommend as a french teacher to every student.

  Student reviews

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Delphine es una profesora fantástica, ya llevo algunas semanas de class con ella y estoy encantada! Como principiante de francés pienso que Delphine tiene todas las herramientas necesarias para acercarte poco a poco al maravilloso mundo del aprendizaje del francés. Así que si tú también eres principiante de francés como yo no dudes en reservar una class con ella porque seguro that you are going to encantar! :-) Thank you very much, Delphine!

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Delphine is an excellent teacher. Having had some French lessons decades ago I would consider myself an absolute beginner. However Delphine was able to tell within a couple of lessons that I had more of an understanding than even I though. Besides her teaching abilities Delphine is also extremely pleasant and our lessons have all be fun. I recommend her completely.

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