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French courses for seniors
French courses for seniors

Senior Intermediate Courses

The lessons are developed around ''playful'' activities which involve debats, role plays, news articles... from different media e. g. newpaper, video etc...

The classes emphasize on practicing the language through dialog and listening comprehension, The main goal is to help you reach the highest possible level of expression and communication in the French language at your own pace...

A method that works

the 50+ course is especially designed for people over 50, who wish to combine improving their French by talking with a teacher of their own age . We will discuss in French your everyday life in order to prepare you for all situations: 

✔️ Make a restaurant reservation ,

✔️ Buy a train ticket,

✔️ Know how to navigate at an airport,

✔️ Rent a vacation apartment.  

✔️ Have your rental car that has broken down on the highway towed,

✔️ Get to know or resolve a conflict with your French neighbours,

✔️ Make doctors appointment,

✔️ Make an appointment at the veterinarian if you have a pet.

✔️ Solve any problem of everyday life in France

But we will also discuss French and international news, cultural and political life, the economy, I will help you understand French habits and customs. 

French courses for seniors
French courses for seniors

The courses are of course online but around a good cup of tea or coffee.

As for myself, I like black and sugar-free coffee, how about you? 

I will adapt to you language needs and I am very patient. You will master the French language very quickly without even realizing it while having fun and and joy whatever your level may be ...


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