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Learn French in France

Hello !

I am native French, from the northern part of France. Certified French teacher (DAEFLE French degree).

I have been a teacher for over 10 years

I have taught students of all ages, from all around the world, so I understand the difficulties people face when studying and speaking French.

My patient and fun nature make learning French easy.

I can help you understand, speak and pronounce the French language correctly

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My story


I completed my Masters in Finance and Strategy at the University of  Valenciennes. I also studied at the University of Lille where I got my DAEFLE (French as a Foreign Language) Masters degree. 


After my experience in financial consulting, I became a freelance French teacher and also gave private lessons. These two experiences have enabled me to develop more specific teaching methods suitable for all types of profiles.

During my free time, I like to travel, taste international gastronomy, go to the theatre and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and walking with my dogs ! (whippet and  Greyhound)

​I am the founder of French Skills DB, Unlike with other schools  you can always reschedule or cancel last minute and don't be charged. I am passionate about helping my students to progress fast. My objective is not to keep you forever, but that your reach the level you feel comfortable with and move on to your next adventure!

Practicing speaking regularly will help make you more fluent in your speech. During my class, nobody will say anything if you make a few grammar mistakes.


My method is based on the needs of the students. Depending on the level of the students, I will work either on phonetic, grammar structure or on free conversation. It all depends on your needs. Ideally I divide an one-hour class into four parts: reading, phonetics, grammar and open conversation.


The courses are based on conversation and active interaction to help understand and memorize the French language without focusing on difficult grammar.


By placing my students in various interactive situations, they are immersed in a real French environment during the time of the lessons rather than simply sitting behind a desk while the professor speaks


Then you will become self sufficient in the French language and will no longer need me....

Online French lessons


 I hope to see you soon for our first lesson !

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I hope to be able to help you and contribute to your project. Feel free to contact me for more information!

Best regards



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