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French C1 level

Carte de Paris


Listening skills : Have no difficulty understanding oral language in the media or in a conversation.

Reading skills : Being able to read without effort any type of text

Speech : Being able to express oneself fluently and being able to explain more complex subject matters.

Writing skills : Being able to write a clear, fluid and complex text adapted to the circumstances.


By the end of level C1, you will be able to  :

  • Can understand all TV news and news broadcasts.

  • Can understand fairly long lectures and speeches, and even follow complex argumentation even if the subject is unknown.

  • Can read articles and reports on a variety of issues.

  • Can enjoy watching movies.

  • Can understand contemporary prose texts.

  • Can communicate with a native speaker spontaneously and fluently to be able to have an effective interaction.

  • Can actively participate in a conversation about any situation

  • Can express and defend own point of view.

  • Can present ideas in a detailed and well-explained manner.

  • Can talk about the pros and cons of any topic and take a stand.

  • Can write clear and detailed texts on all subjects.

  • Can write an essay or report conveying ideas for or against a given topic.

  • Can write letters to accept and suggest events and to explain personal experiences.

  • Easily appear for DALF C1 Exam.

Grammar topics:

  • The inversion of the subject and the verb

  • Highlighting

  • Passive form

  • Infinitive sentences

  • Complex pronominal constructions

  • The complex relative clauses

  • Proposals followed by `` What ''

  • Priority

  • Simultaneity

  • The posteriority

  • The choice of indicative or subjunctive depending on the meaning

  • The unreal of the past

  • The past subjective

  • Infinitive determinants

  • The agreement of adjectives

  • Axceptional agreements

  • The plural of common compound words

Vocabulary topics:

  • Family 

  • Life in society 

  • School 

  • The world of work 

  • Town planning 

  • The environment 

  • Digital 

  • The consumption 

  • Food 

  • Media

  • Leisure and culture 

  • Tourism 

  • The economy

  • Health 

  • Space research 

  • Progress and dangers of science

  • Languages and the Francophonie 

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