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  Learn French with a perfect French accent

Because you learn with a native teacher

French alliance - Alliance francaise

Correct your accent

There's that charming sound to the spoken French language that everyone seems to find delightful. How French words seem to melt together to form pleasant sounds. It can be both enchanting and intimidating at the same time.

No need to get intimidated though. You're on the right track because this French pronunciation cours is solely focused on learning proper French pronunciation.


Learn how to pronounce French words the right way

A one-to-one French instruction is the best way to improve your accent and this course is not only dedicated to advanced students.

Learn French fast from home

Pronunciation is the real key to longterm success

Reading aloud is the perfect exercice to correct your accent

The reading aloud session is a valuable opportunity for the teacher to check and correct the student’s pronunciation. Newspaper articles, poems, songs, or excerpts from novels are used.

During this part of the lesson, I guide the student as necessary so that he or she pronounces each word perfectly. Thanks to this exercise it is possible to become aware of one's pronunciation mistakes and progressively improve one's accent.


The awareness of the students pronunciation and the contrast of their pronunciation with the correct one are important elements of my teaching.

Mastering french accent

After several phonetics lessons, you will be able to read a text with very good or excellent pronunciation.


This is also made possible by mastering the combined rules of pronunciation and spelling.

Mastering French accent

What you will improve

For all levels!

✔️ Knowledge of important sounds and when and how to pronounce them

✔️ Sounds of consonants and combinations of consonants

✔️ Sounds of vowels and combinations of vowels

✔️ Combinations of vowel and consonant letters

✔️ Final Consonants

✔️ Difference between the sounds of consonants in the beginning, middle or end of a word

✔️ Nasal Sounds

✔️ Silent consonants

✔️ Variations of ‘O’

✔️ The French ‘U’

✔️ The French ‘R’

✔️  Knowledge of different types of Liaisons

✔️  Aspirated and and mute H concept

✔️ French Accents

✔️ Diphthongs and ligatures

✔️ Concept of loaned or borrowed words

✔️ Clear explanations of Pronunciation rules

✔️ Ample of interactive listening and speaking exercises to practice your pronunciation

✔️ Common mistakes to avoid

✔️ List of exceptions

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