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Senior Courses for over 50

If you are a dynamic young person over 50, then this course is for you.

Why not you !

French courses for seniors

How to learn French after 50?

Simply like everyone else, but at your own pace  !


You’re never too old to become fluent in French

Many of my senior students tell me :

- “I am too old to learn French. The others learn much faster than me. I have difficulty retaining new vocabulary and French grammar seems so complicated to me now!

I am not confortable learning in a group, because I have the impression that everyone understands French better and faster than me…’'

My answer :

- “It is never too late to learn French. Quite the contrary! It's a great cognitive exercise that will keep your brain sharp. My learning methods are adapted to all the challanges related to age. No grammar is too difficult to be learning. Besides, who forces you to learn quickly? Set yourself learning goals according to your abilities and you will find learning French becomes a lot easier!’’

The one on one lesson is the ideal solution to learn French at your own level and  pace! 

Alliance française
French courses for seniors

The courses are of course online but around a good cup of tea or coffee.

As for myself, I like black and sugar-free coffee, how about you? 

I will adapt to you language needs and I have a lot of patience. You will master the French language very quickly, without even realizing it while having a lot of fun and joy, whatever your level may be ...


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