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Lesson Plan for Beginners

 For  complete beginners . I use the books from the '' CLE Progressive "" level A1 and A2 collection. I share my screen for the lesson and we do and correct the exercises together. You don't have worry about anything. I will take care of everything !

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French teacher for beginners

Books with which I teach

I will send you the lessons and the exercises by email before each lesson. I will share with you all my resources. You don't have to do or buy anything, you just have to let yourself be guided.

CLE Grammaire progressive du français A1
CLE Grammaire progressive du français A1.1
CLE Conjugaison progressive du français A1. A2.1
CLE Orthographe progressive du français A1

The key to quickly speaking French 

The key to quickly speaking French with confidence is to focus on what is most important.

This may sound simple but most French courses teach you so much at once that you end up overwhelmed and frustrated by your powerlessness to speak and understand French.

You need to learn the most common French words and verbs first and focus on the grammar that you actually need to know.

Sure, you could download a list of the most common French words but knowing words is not the same as speaking French.

You need a native French teacher who can give you live feedback adapted to your specific needs, correct your mistakes and help you with your pronunciation




Comprehensions : Being able to understand familiar words and simple expressions when the other person speaks slowly and clearly on the street, in a shop, in a supermarket, at the train station...

Speech : Being able to communicate simply with a minimum of vocabulary to book a hotel, order in a restaurant or ask for directions in a French speaking country. 

Writing skills : Being able to write short simple sentences in the present, the future and the past.

French tutor for beginners

Get good pronunciation right from the start

It is very important to work on phonetics in order to develop good habits right from the beginning of your French learning experience. That's why we work a lot on the pronunciation in the beginners' course.

French teacher online
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